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Whether you are looking for a quiet vacation or a fun filled day at the beach with your loved ones, Escuminac Beach and Family Park is waiting for you. Spend a sun-filled day at a glorious sandy beach. It is only a 2 minute walk from the campground and makes getting away from it all easy. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the many boardwalks built to protect the natural sand dunes and also for easy access to the beach. Relax at the top of the boardwalk, under our gazebos for a picnic or just to admire a glorious sunset over the Miramichi Bay. Come and spend some time on the water. Savour the taste of fresh lobster (in season) cooked on the open water when you join some of our local fishermen for a day. Go deep sea fishing, have a barbecue or tour some of the islands. There are many fun-filled options to choose from.

Village of Escuminac - Escuminac, taken from the Miíkmaq word Eskumunaak, meaning watching place or lookout place, is a picturesque fishing village, located only 50 km east of the city of Miramichi, on route 117. Escuminac is the first recorded landing site of the explorer Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) who landed here on July 2, 1534.

Buy Fresh Seafood - If you want to buy fresh seafood from a fisherman or from the local fish market visit the Escuminac Wharf. The wharf is home base for over 500 inshore fishing boats. OíNeilís Fish Market at the wharf is open May to October, 7 days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and sells (depending on the fishing season) fresh lobster, scallops, haddock, clams, quahogs and mussels.

Peat Cliffs and bog - Escuminac Point is home to coastal peat cliffs, that are 1 to 6 metres high, and extend up to 8 km around this small peninsula formed of Pennsylvannian and Triassic sandstone. Carbon dating indicates that the peat cliffs began to form in circa 1,000 B.C. While they are a common sight in New Brunswick and are exceptionally well displayed at Escuminac Point, peat cliffs are a rare sight anywhere else in the world. Carbon dating on wood fragments found at the base of the peat moss bog at Escuminac Point date as far back as 2,300 B.C. The Escuminac Point peninsula was raised up from the sea in circa 10,800 B.C.

Lighthouse Walking Trail - Located at the point is the Escuminac Point Lighthouse that sits 22.43 meters from the foundation to top and has a nominal range of 16 nautical miles. The Escuminac Point lighthouse has a 400 watt mercury vapour white light with an AGA reflector. The first lighthouse built in New Brunswick was built at this site in 1841 and then stood 78 feet above seawater. The lighthouse is accessible by vehicle but the road is rough however it can be reached by bike and there is an official New Brunswick walking trail listed for Escuminac Point. The 14 km trail starts at the Escuminac Beach and Family Park and runs east along the shore of the south bank of Miramichi Bay out to the Escuminac Point lighthouse returning on an old unpaved roadway back to the park. Besides getting a great view of Miramichi Bay, the Escuminac Point Lighthouse, and the peat cliffs, the walk often features a variety of sea birds, trunks of trees thousands of years old, and a number of osprey nests and from time to time a variety of wildlife. It is a great day trip.

Escuminac Disaster - Visit the monument of the Escuminac Disaster built in memory of the June 1959 disaster when 35 men drowned in a terrible storm while fishing for salmon. The monument has been declared a provincial historic site.

Baie Sainte-Anne - Just minutes west of Escuminac enjoy walking on the sand dunes in the Acadian community of Baie Sainte-Anne and home of the Museum of the Fighting Fisherman, boxer Yvon Durelle. Come and participate in the annual Baie Sainte-Anne Fruits de Mer Festival, the Pointe Sapin Fishermenís Festival, and the Bay du Vin Summer Survial Days. Come stay with us here at the Escuminac Beach and Family Park.

nothing like camping a short walk away from a lobster wharf..

Only 50 Km east of the City of Miramichi, on route 117, lies the picturesque Acadian fishing village of Baie-Ste-Anne. There you will enjoy many local activities and attractions.

~ Hometown of the fighting fisherman Yvon Durelle, the British Empire Light Heavyweight Champion.

~ One of the largest Wharves in New Brunswick with a fleet of over 100 boats; also located there, the Memorial honouring those who died in the 1959 disaster.

~ Fresh seafood readily available at our local restaurants and fish markets.

~ In season, go lobster and mackerel fishing with our local fishermen.

~ For Geocachers - dozens of geocache opportunities in the area.

~ Visit one of the 7 peat moss plants in the local area.

~ Visit the islands surrounding our area and enjoy the many sandy beaches.

~ Visit our most prominent landmark in Point Escuminac, the light house and ruins of the canning factories that used to be the main employment in the area in the early 1900's.

~ Enjoy sea bird watching at the top of the beach while sitting on our gazebo.

~ Hike down to one of the osprey nests with the possibility of seeing some bald eagles on the way.

~ See the remains of 4,000 year old tree trunks recently exposed by winter storms.

~ Nearby there is another campground, restaurants, and markets specializing in seafood fresh from the Gulf. Our staff are always willing to assist in your own cook out.

~ We are located 30 Km (18 miles) North of Kouchibouquac National Park.

~ Finally, our most valuable asset is the attitude of the local population - which is to please our guests with our village history, whether it be in French or English.

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